Hi everyone!
I like to implement advanced and pragmatic software
applications with Spryker, Laravel and Co.

About Me

Matthias Frick

I'm Matthias Frick

CTO & Spryker Developer at Antiloop.

I am a software consultant based in Rankweil, Austria. Web and smart solutions to solve any kind of problems in the online world are my passion.

Currently I work as CTO and software developer at the Antiloop GmbH. I am in charge of projects and products developed with the awesome Spryker Cloud Commerce OS, Laravel and Pimcore.

With these frameworks I work on e-commerce projects (B2B and B2C) as well as on digitization jobs to bring analog processes to the current age. Our clients mainly are from the industry and banking sector.

In the past I implemented a lot of software solutions with Ruby on Rails.

Software Architecture & API Design

Development Skills (PHP, Ruby)

Agile Methods & Teamlead

Consulting & Management

I am married to a wonderful wife and father of three. 🤩

My Experiences

2 Years 2022 - now
CTO @ Antiloop

As CTO I am responsible for our tech stack and portfolio. Further I am leading our internal academy and building a technical knowledge base for all our software engineers. Working in the backend with Spryker and Pimcore. In the frontend with JavaScript and TypeScript. Supporting our development team and working closely together with the CEO.

5.5 Years 2017 - 2022
CEO @ Antiloop

I leaded the Antiloop GmbH from 03 / 2017 until 10 / 2022 together with the founder Gerold Böhler. There I was responsible for internal workflows, project organizations, employees and the setup of new project teams together with our clients. Within a project, I took over the technical lead or managing our team as a Scrum Master. I was the link between our developers and the customers' needs.

8 Years 2009 - 2017
Freelancer @ Frick-Web

During my studies and a few years after I was a self-employed developer and freelancer. I worked on different client projects with various technologies. Most of the time I worked with Ruby on Rails and PHP-based frameworks and built individual and specific software. From time to time, I also created normal websites with different content management systems like RefineryCMS, WordPress or similar systems.

0.5 Years 2013
Master thesis @ MMT

In my last semester at the University of Applied Science in Salzburg, Austria, I wrote my master thesis "Service-oriented architecture on the example of JAMES". JAMES was a news agregator application for fetching news from different sources like Facebook, Twitter and RSS feeds. In my thesis I worked out different possibilities to split up the monolithic Ruby on Rails application "JAMES" into a microservices architecture. More details about my work can be found here @ Frickipedia.

5.5 Years 2008 - 2014
Student @ FH Salzburg

I gained my Masters Degree of MuliMedia Technology at the University of Applied Science in Salzburg, Austria. Within my studies, I put the focus on "Web & Technologies". In this practical education I got to know the interdisciplinary work with specialists from other fields by working closely together with students from MultiMedia Art. The art students were responsible for the look & feel of our applications and we implemented the logic for bringing them to life. We learned a lot about object-oriented programming, databases, software architecture and design. C++, PHP, Ruby and JavaScript were only a few coding languages I came in contact with during these 5.5 years. In my fifth semester I made an internship in Berlin @ betterplace as a Ruby on Rails developer. I was part of the SCRUM team.

Early Years 2002
First Codings

These were the good old days 😁. Hacking around and having fun. I started experiencing with HTML, Javascript and PHP during my early years in high school. I built small websites, scripts and other stuff. Flash intros and the using of frame-sets were the latest shit 😜.

My Technologies

Spryker Logo
Spryker Cloud Commerce OS

The Spryker Cloud Commerce OS is a PHP-based eCommerce (B2B and B2C) framework for building individual and specialized online shop solutions. Spryker is built up on different design patterns and concepts like SOLID principles and modularity. It is a very robust and easy to extend software to work with and use in web 4.0 projects. I personally really like the structure of the Spryker Cloud Commerce OS - it is technically not always that easy, but on the longterm view it makes absolutely sense to build and use an architecture like it is done within Spryker. I am a Spryker Certified Foundations Developer.

Laravel Logo

Laravel is a PHP-based open source MVC-framework for building web applications. Laravel is the perfect tool for creating digitization projects and fulfill all the special wishes for different clients. The MVC structure offers an easy to understand and easy to use base system for adding all the needed features to an online application. Laravel currently is my favourite, when it comes to a PHP-based MVC framework.

Ruby on Rails Logo
Ruby on Rails

Ruby on Rails is a Ruby-based MVC-framework for creating web applications. Ruby on Rails has an awesome community and is an open source project with his origins at Basecamp. Further Ruby on Rails has a lot of developed extensions (gems) from the community. Rails was one of the first MVC-frameworks I worked with and I really fell in love with it. Currently, I am not working that much with it anymore, like in the past - but it is still awesome.

Frontend Stack

I work with HTML, CSS, SASS and JavaScript in combination with different libraries or frameworks (Vue.js, Tailwind CSS, ..), if necessary - but I am more the backend guy, to be honest 😁. I really like that the frontend technologies in general are getting better and better and that it is finally possible to create very nice and weird stuff with Javascript these days.


I have mainly worked with relational database systems like MySQL, PostgreSQL or SQLite so far - but I also implemented projects with document based databases - especially with MongoDB. Each database system has advantages and disadvantages - it depends on the project case which one to choose. At the moment, I mostly work with MySQL and PostgreSQL.

Agile / Scrum

A lot of people claim to practice agile development, but in fact they do not. I can say that I have used agile methods for a bunch of years now and there is nothing better for ongoing software projects - in my opinion. Most of the time we do Scrum @ Antiloop. Scrum is an agile process framework - and it gives you a frame with a couple of rules and not more. How you fill out this frame is absolutely up to you - and this is the best thing with Scrum - it is just super flexible. You can organize your team within Scrum depending on your project settings and needs - and most of the time these are different - so you also need to adapt your Scrum process and be pragmatic. I am a certified Scrum Master.

Matthias Frick Skill-Set


Overview and summary about my skill-set.

I am experienced with the technologies, frameworks and tools listed below. Probably the list is not always 100% up-to-date, but basically it should give you a little overview / idea about my skills and how I do my work.

  • Spryker Cloud Commerce OS, I am a Spryker Certified Foundations Developer
  • Pimcore, I am a certified Pimcore Developer Senior
  • Laravel, Symfony, Ruby on Rails
  • TYPO3 CMS, Wordpress, Impala CMS, Refinerycms
  • PHP, Solid / Clean Code
  • PHPUnit / Codeception
  • Ruby
  • Test Unit / Rspec / Cucumber
  • SQL, MySQL/MariaDB, PostgreSQL, SQLite
  • MongoDB
  • Docker / Vagrant / LAMP
  • Github / Bitbucket / Git (CLI)
  • PHPStorm
  • Mac OS / Linux
  • Jira / Confluence
  • Agile / Scrum, I am a certified Scrum Master
  • Slack / MS Teams / Zoom
  • ...

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Rankweil, Austria